For a group exhibition titled SLOWNESS at the Howard Art Project, I created a grey felt jacket.

The piece, Phantasmagoria: GreigeGoods, is an investigation into the work of sewing and expenditure of time as it relates to our large scale consumption of clothing and our lack of recognition of the time, energy, and materials spent creating said clothing.

Aside from the main constructions elements, the coats finishing is done primarily with stitches rendered in text, specifically for hand-sewn elements that are usually hidden in a finished garment (facing, catch stitch, bound buttonholes, hems, etc).

The jacket was shown alongside a excerpt from a slide presentation that I delivered on the night of the opening. The video below, featured in the presentation, shows myself at work creating this jacket along side the industrial manufacturing of a clothing article.

slownessvid from taylor MV on Vimeo.

The video on the left shows documentation of my process in cutting, constructing, and embroidering the jacket. The footage has been abbreviated and sped up to be approximately as long as the video footage on the right. The right side video shows clips of the manufacturing segment from the Discovery Channel show "How It's Made: Jeans" for comparison.