Finished Object: Rebecca's Blouse


This is the finished blouse that I posted some in progress pictures of earlier. I think it turned out quite well, partially due to how wonderful the fabric was to work with. It is a wrap style blouse with a close fitting sleeve with just a little bit of gathering at the sleeve head (but not too much!)  


This photo was snapped with my phone camera, so the quality is not so great. The color of this fabric is also such a brilliant fuschia with such a fabulous sheen and texture that it is almost impossible to capture in photographs. The photo above is the closest I could get.



The wrap closes with a few hidden snaps at the waist-as well as one at the neckline to eliminate gaping- and a sash belt with permanent loose pleats to appear ruched without extra bulk. The main snaps are covered with silk crepe de chine, which is also used to bind almost all the interior seams. I should have taken some shots of the interior, but the light wasn't favorable and I had to drop the blouse off shortly after these were taken.

It looks fabulous on her...always the most rewarding part!