In May 2010, I participated in a series of shows at MEME gallery called "The Store Show". posttrading2My iteration was titled POST//TRADING. The description I presented at the time was this:

"We usually refer to this kind of space as a junk store, souvenir shop, antique market, trash pile, or knickknack shelf. POST//TRADING invites you to come interact with our wares and leave with a piece of history."

The space was set up like a sparse store or office. There is a desk where the proprietor sits, two plywood lounge chairs, a shelf displaying various objects from my apartment and studio, and closed circuit video surveillance.



Visitors to the show were permitted to browse the wares as they pleased, but none of the objects were available for sale.


The only thing visitors were able to purchase was video documentation of their visit to the store. There were a variety of different 'packages' at different price levels.


Video was taken using an old hi8 camera and visible on a monitor from roughly the same era, to mimic a sort of outdated security system. Visitors could view themselves viewing the objects in the store while browsing.

Post//Trading 2010: Cruce & Josh from taylor MV on Vimeo.

While not many people were interested in purchasing deluxe packages (and others were horrified of the idea of being on camera) a few visitors opted for the 'Economy Web Package'. These visitors received a link to their uploaded video after 2 weeks.

To view the other videos, visit the POST//TRADING Vimeo Channel