Post-Bowler Shirt


One of my favorite things is getting clothing commissions from other artists. Recently, I was lucky (pun intended, you'll see) enough to work with Joe Joe Orangias, an excellent artist and a good friend, on a garment for his MFA thesis show Lucky Strike.

Joe Joe's work for the show was a series of objects crafted out of materials salvaged from the former Lucky Strike bowling alley. The alley itself is around the corner from The Howard Art Project, the location of my studio space as well as Joe Joe's thesis exhibition.

For images from the show, check out his website: Joe Joe Orangias - Lucky Strike

Joe Joe and I collaborated on a vintage-styled bowling shirt. It featured a felt bowling applique on the back (that's candlepin bowling btw, for you non new-englanders. Far superior to standard bowling) , as well as a contrast collar and patch pocket and gold soutache embroidery: "Post-Bowler".


The shirt was adapted from a pre-existing men's camp collar shirt and altered to meet Joe Joe's specifics. The main body is a nice taupe linen, with contrast in cotton broadcloth.

an in progress shot

Colors were chosen to match existing shoes salvaged from the bowling alley. Soutache braid returns as shoelaces.

Cleaned up bowling shoes with new gold laces

I had a lot of fun with this project. Joe Joe's exhibition was a huge success.

I'm lucky enough to be working with another artist, Kate Gilbert, on an exhibition involving wearables.