Settling In

With my new studio comes new ideas and new ways of working. I have taken this opportunity to transition into a brand new project (more on this ahead).20130910-090359.jpg

It was definitely a much slower process developing a practice and a workflow at the Howard Art Project, mostly because it was the first time I have had a dedicated (as in, not shared) sewing studio. I had organized and developed studio practices in an art context but this was certainly the first in a professional sewing context. I think I was able to develop a good system...a layout that felt both functional and inspiring with a good flow of energy.


I'll admit...I'm a little nervous about re-developing in the new space. As soon as all the pieces are in place - I'm still working on securing a functional cutting table much larger than my old one - I'll be able to really start getting into a groove.

I think real functionality will come with time. I've already started moving and tweaking things. I think re-organization of the home and workplace never stop happening really, as we never stop changing.