Net Works: Back us on Kickstarter!


For the past two years I have been involved in a knitting collective that has put on workshops around the Boston area. It started as a project by one of the artists, Maria Molteni. The premise was simple: Knit or crochet basketball nets to replace those missing on public basketball courts. Many who heard about the project had one question, "How do I learn how to make one to?" This request was what prompted Maria to reach out to a group of us, some of whom had helped her with other iterations of the project. We decided to make a book.

6236414b21ef24d90238ce345120d7aa_large Two years later, the content for the book is nearly complete. We have just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to print the book. It's functioning a bit like a pre-sale, but with some excellent prizes for higher level contributions as well.

Please check it out and if you're at all interested in art, knitting, crochet, sports, activism, public space, or even just giving what you can to projects when you can.

Check out our Kickstarter page here and our website over here!

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