Personal sloper

Bodies always change. From the time we're born until we die, our body undergoes all sorts of changes. We don't see all of these changes on the outside and there are some that are more obvious than others.

This isn't only gaining or loosing weight. With time, all sorts of things change in our posture, alignment, or stance. In the last year I have been making a concerted effort to avoid the slumping and slouching so common to those in my field. I've become more interested in ergonomics and practicing good siting habits.

I'm pleased with how much I've improved my posture in this time. I have little to no back/neck pain I have previously associated with sewing and computer work. One thing that many might not have realized is that because of this, my clothing fits differently. I have made a lot of blouses with the sloper I drafted in 2012 and have recently started to realize that the fit was off, primarily where length is concerned.


The biggest difference is the length of both pieces. Each has stretched out by over an inch! I believe this is due to lengthening due to better posture, plus a more prominent bust from lifting my chest instead of having an inward shrug.

It'll be interesting to make this up and see the new fit in action, so perhaps I'll post about this as well.

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