Useful things

One of my great joys is making something beautiful by hand that is also very useful and mostly unimportant. I think of the weird little things we usually opt to buy, inexpensively. After spending a great deal of the winter pattern making on my 5 year old hand-me-down computer, I decided I needed to invest in an external hard drive. I'm what they call a "leapfrog" consumer of technology. I hold out on purchasing new devices for a few 'generations' and end up with a weird combination of very old and very new devices working together (as I take pictures for this entry with my new - albeit hand-me-down - iPhone 5).

But the cute little 1tb external hard drive came with no case. So of course I had to make one. The hard drive does a noble job and deserves no less.



Honestly I was a bit relieved it came with no case. The ones they give you usually are usually made of some weird synthetic leather that inevitably starts to deteriorate quickly. (I'm looking at you, weird neoprene-ish pull tab on the bluetooth speaker. You're less than a year old and you're literally melting!)


I'm pleased with the outcome! I quilted two layers of wool/rayon felt (with cotton batting in between) for the bag, adding a front pocket for the cable. I finished the edges with 1/2" double fold self-made Marimekko seam binding (fancy!). It closes with a velcro tab...Technology cases love velcro and I obviously couldn't use a magnetic snap.