Pattern Storage

In situations where patterns get used a lot, like factories or design studios, they're kept on hangers. These most often resemble the top of a wire hanger, attached to a cord with a metal bar at the bottom. This holds all the pattern pieces together through 3/4" holes cut through each. 20140801-095603-35763491.jpg

I always feel like there must be some way to make pattern hangers in a pinch. In my case, I would have to special order what is essentially the top of a hanger with some string attached. This does not appeal to my DIY sensibilities, nor my hardware store ingenuity. In this case, the latter came to the rescue! The copper hooks above are actually intended to suspend a paint bucket from a ladder, but since copper is pretty and the shape was right, I thought these would make lovely pattern hangers. A bit pricey at a couple bucks each, I'm not sure if this is the prime hardware store solution, but it's certainly a start. This is my favorite way to store patterns, so I'll have to keep perusing the hardware aisles in search of the perfect solution.


In the mean time, the 1st blueprints release is well on its way (sneak peak of the instructions pictured above). I am aiming for a launch date of October 1st! Unless there is a hold up in printing, you should be able to order our first release at this point. If you want to stay up to date on the latest info, sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page!