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There's been a lot of radio silence around here while I finish up the new BFS pattern, so I figured I'd clue you all in to some of the projects I've been admiring lately.

Many of the blogs I read often do a little link round up weekly or monthly to highlight some of the interesting things they come across on the web and beyond. I'm constantly encountering projects and ideas I find compelling but that cannot quite support their own blog post (most often, because they're already blogged about). I've tried twitter, but my commentary feels a bit restricted. So here goes nothing!

Wearable technology and 3D printing collide in truly useful (finally) item: The Sesame Ring! Boston residents take note; this 3D printed ring contains a chip that allows it to function as a CharlieCard for the MBTA (that's the train/bus system here). It's also customizable and super cool looking...I met somebody today who was wearing one.

Three-color block printed linen bag. Part of Jen Hewitt's 2014 52 Weeks of Printmaking project.

Three-color block printed linen bag. Part of Jen Hewitt's 2014 52 Weeks of Printmaking project.

I just discovered this wonderful project by designer Jen Hewitt. She is creating a printed fabric every month and creating a garment from the fabric she prints. The results are amazing and truly inspiring. I'm in the process of brewing up a block printed fabric myself and this definitely encouraged me to just make it happen!

 I came across a great shop/gallery/residency in Grand Rapids, MI called Have Comapny. Check out their web shop full of goodies and read about some of the artists they work with. The podcast with resident artists is also excellent. Thinking about a trip to MI...

Tomorrow is Fashion Revolution Day! This worldwide event, held on the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, inspired people around the world to reach out to retails and ask, "who made my clothes?" Learn more about how to participate, download education materials, and connect to producers, retailers and makers on

What have you encountered lately? Do you have a cool project to share?