Blueprints Workshop is an extension of the Blueprints For Sewing design studio. It is an experiment in open source fashion, featuring collections that elaborate on basic shapes and patterns. Each piece is one of a kind. Using the collection as inspiration and a jumping off point, sewing and fashion enthusiasts are encouraged to use the patterns behind these collections to create unique pieces from their imagination.

Each Blueprints Workshop collection supports a ‘Slow Fashion’ ethos. ‘Slow Fashion’ seeks to explore alternative modes of fashion that shift the focus away from mass production, profit, and status and towards compassion, self expression, connection and craftsmanship.
The designers, artisans, and boutiques featured in this exchange all take a unique approach to slow fashion, providing a collective vision of what the future of fashion can be.  Each piece is handmade in the Blueprints Barn Studio in Norfolk, MA.



BW Fall 2019

Flora & Fauna