Custom Fit Pants Workshop

At the Eliot School  |  July 30th - August 3rd  |  9am - 4pm

Welcome to the Custom Fit Pants workshop! In this week long intensive, you will create a pair of pants custom fit to you!

You may choose to draft your pants pattern from scratch, modify and existing pattern, or use a favorite pair of pants as a guide.

How this page works...

This is the syllabus for your class!  Bookmark or print out this syllabus, as it has important information about supplies, what we are doing each week, and homework (it's fun, I promise!). If you have any questions during the course of the class, please feel free to email me. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of helpful links and PDF's of the materials used in class.


Please bring to the first class:

  • Sketches/images of the style of pants you would like to create, a pants sewing pattern, favorite pair of pants, etc

  • 24-30" wide tracing paper

You can buy a whole roll or pad. Paper must be see-through. You can find this at Blick in Kenmore Sq, Utrecht in the Symphony Area/Harvard Square, Artist & Craftsman Supply in Central Sq, Cambridge, and other art supply stores. Swedish tracing paper (a tracing paper-fabric hybrid) is also a great option and is available at many fabric stores.

  • A pencil & two color felt tip pens (sharpies work great).

  • 3 yards of 100% cotton muslin or other plain weave medium weight fabric*

  • An L Square or clear grid quilting ruler at least 18" long.

I recommend this ruler or this ruler. It is a good investment if you are interested in exploring pattern making or even just for general sewing or drawing. You can also use a 6x24" clear grid quilting ruler.

  • A square to draw 90 degree angles if you do not have an L square (optional)

  • Armhole curve and hip curve rules (optional)

  • Your usual sewing supplies (pins, scissors, measuring tape, seam ripper, etc.)

*If you are planning to make stretch pants or jeans in this class, you will need to buy a similar stretch fabric instead of muslin, so that your mock up is more accurate. For jeans, an inexpensive denim or stretch twill will work. In a pinch, you can use regular muslin, but we will have to take this into consideration durring the fitting stage.


Later on, you will need to bring:

  • Fabric to make your final pair of pants

Fabric choices will be discussed in class. If making Dress Pants, choose light - medium weight wools & wool blends. For Slacks and casual pants, choose medium weight twill or canvas. For Jeans, choose a light to medium weight denim. If you want a very fitted pair of jeans, you will need to purchase denim with at least 3% lycra or 25% stretch.

  • Thread

  • Topstitching Thread (Optional)

  • Interfacing

  • A 5-9" zipper

  • A button or a hook & eye

Day 1

Please come prepared to take accurate measurements!

In this class, we will take all our measurements so that we may use them as a reference when drafting or altering our patterns. For best results, please bring or wear bottoms that are closely fitting but not too tight. For example, bicycle shorts, leggings, capris, or other athletic pants with a tapered leg.

Bring the supplies listed above (minus your final fabric and notions)

After taking measurements, each participant will learn to draft a pattern from scratch. They can also alter an existing pattern or create a pattern from a favorite pair of pants. The rest of the day will be spent refining the pattern and making adjustments. We will wrap up the day by copying the pattern onto muslin to sew a mock up.

Day 2 & 3

The next few days will be spent creating a muslin mock up of your pants pattern and refining the fit that way. As we will be trying on the muslin periodically, you may want to wear clothing that is easy to change in and out of.

Day 3 & 4

Once your pattern has been refined, the remaining time will be dedicated to sewing your final pants. We will review common pants sewing construction techniques such as fly fronts, slash pockets, flat felled seams, and more.

If you have any questions before or during the class, please fill out the form below or email taymcvay (at)

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