Blueprints for Sewing patterns feature a difficulty rating to help you choose a pattern that is right for your skill level. Beginner and Advanced beginner will help new sewists learn great techniques and form good sewing habits. Intermediate and advanced difficulty patterns feature the detail, clarity, and tips that you find in our beginner and advanced beginner level patterns, but feature more complex designs and techniques.

Want to know if a pattern is right for your skill level? Use our guide below:


You've just taken your first sewing class or series of classes and made things like PJ pants, a gathered skirts, or tote bags. You're starting to get comfortable with your sewing machine. This may be the first time you've used a pattern, but you're feeling confident! You're ready to finally sew something you can wear to work or to a party!

Advanced Beginner

You've made a few garments, perhaps a simple shirt or dress, and feel like you have learned a lot in the process. You feel alright about sewing buttonholes or putting in zippers, though you may find them challenging. You feel comfortable sewing with beginner patterns and want to move on to something more sophisticated. You're excited to learn things like seam finishes and how to apply bias binding.


You enjoy making your own clothing and sometimes make changes to a pattern to get your desired effect. You've successfully attempted tricky sewing maneuvers like plackets or collars, though you still read the instructions thoroughly. You want to learn more about how to get a really great fit, or tackle fine finishes, making your garments look as good inside as they do outside.


You are hooked! You go shopping just to snap pics of things you want to make or improve upon and you dream about fabric. While you still have to focus when you sew (believe me, we all do!) you do so more quickly and consistently then when you started. You're interested in learning special techniques and making tailored garments or working with tricky fabrics. You've even started making your own patterns or heavily altering and combining elements from other patterns. You like a challenge, but sometimes you also just like a nice pattern that you can elaborate upon.

These levels are purely to help you pick a pattern that results in a loved garment, rather than frustration, tears, or UFOs. Of course, if you're feeling up for the challenge, level up! There's a world of resources to help when you get stuck and you'll be surprised how much you learn.