No two bodies are the exact same size. Take a sampling of size 8s, and you’ll find a wide array of heights, postures, cup sizes, and proportions.

For this reason, patterns can never fit everyone out of the envelope.

Blueprints patterns features unique sizing. Many patterns based on standard sizes* are designed for an hourglass figure, where the waist is about 10" smaller than the bust and hips. Our alternative sizing comes in part from experiences with past students and clients.

Blueprints patterns are designed for figure with a slightly bigger than standard waist measurement (since we no longer wear girdles!) as well as hips that slightly bigger than the bust (often referred to as 'pear shape'). Many new pattern companies have opted for their own sizing based on certain proportions and our patterns offer yet another ‘shape’ for you to try. Perhaps Blueprints will be the pattern that fits you best!

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 11.26.26 AM.png

Blueprints patterns also offer multiple 'cup size' options for a better fit or include alteration instructions for bust adjustments.

What if your measurements don’t match our chart? All of our patterns feature instructions for altering to better suit your shape! All patterns also include lengthening and shortening instructions.

* If you are interested in reading about this sizing evolution, this article is fascinating (read pt 1-3).