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This week I finished up a windbreaker. I had some rust orange ripstop nylon in my stash for years - yes, years - just waiting to be made into something. photo(3)

I used fluorescent orange utility cord for the drawstring and fluorescent yellow bias tape for the casing and I quite like the effect. The utility cord is a little on the stiff side- it sticks out rather than hangs. Not so bad I guess, since I do really like the look of it, not to mention the nice visibility factory.

20131108-170107.jpgI added a zippered pocket for keeping little things in and stitched it into the hem to attempt to prevent the dreaded pocket bag hole.


I decided to base the design on a 1970's McCall zip up jacket pattern.  I changed the design quite a lot...mostly I didn't have a good block of my own to work with. After completing the windbreaker, I realize I should have opted for the later. The pattern has a drop sleeve, rather than one set-in traditionally, which I feel like has less mobility though it is more roomy. I was going for mobility with this windbreaker, since I plan to wear it running.

That's another thing...

I've never been an athletic person - in the slightest - so this is incredibly new territory for me. I even tried running multiple times in the past and hated it. Something was different the last time I decided to give it a shot. Now I'm hooked and, in general, I really like the way I feel getting this much exercise. Though it's presented me with a problem: What on earth do I wear?

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 5.06.06 PM

I am not fond of jewel tones, which for some reason tends to be the color palette of the majority of athletic wear for women. I've decided I will start making myself pieces for running, especially winter running, that are a marriage of performance AND style. This windbreaker is the first piece in this puzzle.


Now that it's getting even colder in New England, I have ordered some recycled woolblend polartec fleece from the mill that produces Polartec in Lawrence, MA. Very psyched...I love when fabric sourcing is super local.

Do any of you who run/play sports/work out feel similarly disappointed with your clothing options? Ever made any active wear?




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